public Relations

Has become a very crowded field. Everyone is now a PR specialist. The SALIENT Group has a unique corporate philosophy regarding public and media relations: "Successful PR Firms Move In Silence”. YOU are the story!

It is our belief that PR should be used to shape your story in the minds of the public and your key target audiences.

No news is no news and loud screaming news, is often bad news. Good news is YOUR news. Presented the way you want it, when you want it.

In addition, The SALIENT Group coordinates television media segments for clients on:

Local & National Radio


Press Conferences

Entertainment-related events

community relations

The SALIENT Group will generate awareness, sponsorships and media support for your service, product, cause, issue or community involvement activities. Your agenda becomes our highly successful and results-oriented Strategic Agenda.

The SALIENT Group uses the WRITE APPROACH to get your message seen and heard. It’s a fact. Our team of writers are the best around.

The SALIENT Group designs creative copy for a diverse range of publicity, video news, Internet and print press materials, agency reports, promotional brochures, pamphlets, speeches, presentations.

In addition, The SALIENT Group has developed professional articles, grants, sponsorship proposals and public policy documents on a wide range of marketing, business and consumer-related programs, issues and trends.

When you’re ready to win the hearts and minds of the public, then you need news created by The SALIENT Group. We’re the PR experts.


marketing & promotions

Is a comprehensive approach to maximizing your message. It’s more than just buying ads, postcards or distributing promotional materials. It’s about developing relationships and maximizing the various interactive media to YOUR advantage.

Let The SALIENT Group galvanize its impressive roster of media contacts and long-lasting professional relationships in the 3rd Largest Media Market in the U.S. to assist you in telling your story.

The SALIENT Group can design a simple, yet spectacular one-time event, or create an on-going, strategic and successful marketing campaign for you, your company, business or organization.