crisis management

Things happen.

Everything has hit the fan, at the same time.

Never let them see you sweat.

Easy to say, and hard to do in today’s global media circus.
The SALIENT Group never panics, despite the media challenge.
Our media savvy information experts are always prepared, and
we possess the information and worldwide contacts to minimize
any potential ‘media stress’ to our clients.

We do not allow our clients to experience crisis. It’s our job to
anticipate media crises before they occur – and make them
quickly disappear.

Analyze the problem. Decide the desired outcome. Using the
media, MAKE IT SO.

When challenges arise, do you want the presenters of your
perception in front of the camera, or behind it, calling the shots?

The SALIENT Group staff are trained media tacticians, able to successfully manage any situation. It’s not what you can put in
the media, it’s what you can keep out of the media.

This relationship only works when you, the client allows
The SALIENT Group to help you.

media training

Your image and your company's public perception rests on your shoulders.

Image is everything.

Company executives, directors and key donors need to speak with a clear, concise and unified message. The first time and every time. The continued success of your organization when faced with today’s media challenges rests not only on what you say, but also HOW you say it.

Better to be professionally trained ahead of time, instead learning on-camera by trial and error, in a baptism by fire - wouldn’t you say?

The SALIENT Group will prepare you and your representatives to not only to survive media scrutiny, but to successful position you and your company/organization in the most positive and profitable spotlight.