Image is Everything - Unless You Don’t Have One.

Right now as you read this, clients of The SALIENT Group are receiving coverage on local and national media outlets such as the Chicago Defender; Chicago Magazine; Chicago Sun-Times; Chicago Tribune; The New York Times, Ebony; Essence; Black Enterprise; television and cable networks ABC, NBC, CBS; WGN; CNN; WFLD-Fox TV; BET; “E – The Entertainment Network”; radio stations WVON-AM, WGCI-FM; WVAZ-FM; GoogleNews, as well as countless news, business & entertainment, Internet sites and other multimedia.

Where has YOUR Company or Organization been seen lately?

IMAGE REALLY DOES MATTER. No news about your company or organization USED to be a good thing. Not anymore. No news means no recognizable identity. No community and consumer awareness. And - no new business opportunities.

The SALIENT Group is a multimedia communications firm founded in 1996. Since its inception, The SALIENT Group has established itself as a progressive media force in Chicago and throughout the U.S. Utilizing the latest techniques, we’ve established a leading, full-service interactive media consulting organization for individuals, elected officials, businesses, community and nonprofit organizations as well as artists and entertainment companies.

For ten years we've been a premier source for effective marketing, special events and communications solutions. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and interactive business marketing services for our clients. The SALIENT Group is committed to helping people, organizations and businesses grow.


Wasted time is the greatest threat to any organization, business, celebrity, elected official, project or event.

Once you have realized the error of your ways, it will now take more money, more time, and more resources to correct the error.

Choose Wisely.

Take the first step and select the best, the most professional, the most descrete, the only Strategic Marketing and Brand Relations Firm you will ever need, The SALIENT Group.

servicE the client

You are the client. The SALIENT Group staff knows that YOU are our MOST IMPORTANT ASSEST.

The SALIENT Group will train you in media presentation and preparation and, when instructed, be the media intermediator.

You are the sincerest expression of your message, The SALIENT Groups packages your message so that it can be delivered and accepted by your audience, clients, market and constituents.



Change. It is a great idea.

You cannot grow your market share, expand your facilities, participate in the global economy, or address the new needs of your community unless you "CHANGE".

How do you bring your audience, your market, your constituents, and most importantly, your profits with you?

Allow The SALIENT Group to Build Your Brand with you so that you will never have to ask those questions.


The SALIENT Group absolutely will not stop until your victory is achieved.

You are the client, your success is our mission. At The SALIENT Group, it is not about one placement in the newspaper, one early-morning drop on talk radio, or one viral video that has been recycled.

Has the public, market, audience completly accepted your message? If the answer is "No", you need The SALIENT Group.